Instructor: Dr. Jackson Parker

Week One, October 13
Introducing Systems Thinking and Perceptions of Organizational Change
Read Learning Organizations, p. 90, JSD article p. 93, Overviews of Five Disciplines, p. 91-92, Laws p. 74, and Learning Disabilities, p. 73
2020 Forecast Discussion: Creating the Future of Learning

Week Two, October 20
Understanding and Facilitating Types of Organizational/Systems Change
Read pages 73, 91-92 Senge articles in blue whale
Reflect on where your SIP problems started
Review SIP in study teams
Read Wagner "Change Leadership" assignment and answer the four questions on page 18, relating it to your SIP
Week Three, November 3
Creating Order, Systems Change, and PLCs
Read "Hip & Huff" (page 112 in Blue Whale)
Read about PLC(A, O, R)s
Read Goodbye, Command & Control by Margaret Wheatley
Watch "Dr. Quantum - Double Slit" (9:00 min vers.) on YouTube
Watch "Lisa Randall - Charlie Rose" on YouTube (seems to be a four part series on YouTube)
Watch "Dr. Quantum - Flatland" on YouTube
Read for November 17: (in blue whale) 152, 159, 177, 179-180, 187
In Study Team: Examine the main challenges and problems identified in your SIP. Are you dealing more with "technical" or "adaptive" challenges?
In Study Team: What single improvement do you think would help?

Week Four, November 10
Mobilizing Action for Systems Change

Week Five, November 17
Embedding Goal Achievement in the SIP: Planning Models and Dealing with Unanticipated Influences and Consequences

Organic Strategic Planning
Week Six, December 1
Presenting School Improvement Plans